Understanding your
Paternity Test Result

Your paternity DNA test results can appear rather complex to most people. The results report paternity as an inclusion or exclusion percentage but will also highlight a lot of other laboratory findings which are an integral part of the laboratory testing process.

DNA Sample Collection Procedure

The standard method of sample collection for many of our DNA tests is through a mouth swab. This is the standard method of sample collection in the industry as collecting DNA is quick, painless and easy.

Your DNA Test Report
and Sample Results

Given the importance of understanding your DNA test result, it is of great help to actually be able to access a sanitized sample DNA test result. By doing this, you can gain a clear understanding of what to expect and what the DNA test report will look like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our list of frequently asked questions tackles some of the most common questions and queries you might have about your DNA test. This page should help resolve most issues; however we do urge you to contact us should you require anything further!


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Payment Options

We offer clients several ways to pay for your DNA test. If any of these are not suitable then please contact our customer service advisers to assist you further.

Useful Websites

To help you gain more knowledge into the nature of DNA testing and any related legal matters, we have provided a list of websites containing information about the various DNA tests that are available. This will help you understand what you need to consider when doing your DNA test. If you would rather contact us directly, then you can speak to a member of our customer service team. Finally, we would like to stress that we have no interests in the associations here provided and this list of websites has been provided solely for information purposes.