Testing both grandparents

homeDNAdirect offers a grandparentage test for grandmother, grandfather and grandchild for the price of R5295. Your results will be emailed to you in PDF format in just 5-7 business days from the moment we receive samples.

homeDNAdirect offers grandparentage testing only when both grandmother and grandfather are available. This helps us provide the most accurate DNA test results.

We suggest you return samples by courier directly to the laboratory because the local postal system has proved unreliable and we cannot be responsible for samples that do not reach us.

Testing just 1 grandparent

Whilst some companies offer what they call “single grandparentage testing” (grandfather DNA testing or grandmother DNA testing) whereby only the DNA of one grandparent is included in the test, homeDNAdirect does not offer this option. This is because a single grandparentage test has a relatively high chance of providing an inconclusive result. If the mother of the grandchild is available for the test, the test may be feasible.

Other testing options

Other testing options might be available depending on your specific situation. We offer a range of relationship DNA tests that could be ideal. Click here to view our list of relationship testing services.

If you need to establish the relationship between a grandfather and a male grandchild, we would definitely suggest a Y chromosome test.  This test is a very accurate way of confirming a shared paternal lineage between male relatives. Get more information by visiting this page.

Samples you can use for grandparents testing

Our test includes a home DNA sample collection kit and all participants’ samples are collected using mouth swabs. Depending on whether people are available to submit their DNA sample, you can either proceed with a buccal swab  alternatively, you may proceed by using a forensic sample.