About the Test

Have you found a stain that you are suspecting to be semen? HomeDNADirect offers you the option to confirm or exclude the presence of semen in your sample.

The results of this test will be ready in 10 working days from the moment of receipt of samples at the laboratory.

However, please allow an additional 5 working days 3-Step Semen Detection Test. More information about this option further down the page.

Note: This test requires consent and photographic ID from all parties. It is a criminal offence to test a person’s DNA or biological material without the source’s consent. Thus, we cannot process samples without all the participants’ ID and full consent.

Is this a home testing DIY kit?

The HomeDNA Direct semen detection testing service is NOT a home or DIY instant home test that attempts to detect the presence of semen by rubbing a solution on the affected area. Home semen detection kits are presumptive tests, which have a chance of producing false positive results. These are only reliable when excluding, not detecting, the presence of semen.

There are companies that offer DIY testing kits to help you detect the presence of semen in a stain at home. However, home testing kits are not as accurate as laboratory-based tests, which is what we are offering.

Our service does not require a kit. Instead, we need you to submit your sample, which can be any item like bed sheets, condom, or underwear.

After we confirm your order, we will send you a confirmation email. It will come with a form, which you need to print, fill out, and return to us together with your sample. Please make sure to place the sample in a paper envelope.

Contact us for a quote if you plan to send in more than 1 sample.

What samples can you send?

We can test a variety of samples to detect the presence of semen. Some of the most common samples our clients have sent in include underwear, bed linen, and items of clothing.

However, before submitting your sample, we ask that you locate the stained area, cut it out, and package it to be sent off to our laboratory.

Unsure about the viability of your sample? Our customer support team is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.

It doesn’t get more accurate than this.

Our semen detection testing process can detect as little as 1 μL of human semen.

Our laboratory testing service, the RSID™-Semen test, specifically detects human semen. In particular, it detects the presence of semenogelin, a protein produced by the seminal vehicles. It is also responsible for the coagulum, which is associated with ejaculation.

Our test is the most accurate semen detection test available today. Compared to other methods, our semen detection test has increased sensitivity, specificity, and speed.

What are the results of the semen detection test?

The semen detection test will offer either of the following results:


    • Positive result – The presence of semen or sperm has been detected
    • Negative result – The presence of semen or sperm has been excluded


What is the 3-Step Semen Detection Test?

Our standard test is the RSID™-Semen test, which conclusively detects the presence of semenogelin. This will not detect prostate specific antigen (PSA or p30) and sperm cells or spermatozoa.

Clients who want to test for the presence of spermatozoa or sperm cells can, instead, select the 3-Step Semen Detection test. This upgrade is available during checkout.

The laboratory will perform the following three-step process for an additional R650:


    • Acid Phosphatase (Prostatic Acid Phosphatase or PAP) Screen: This step screens for the enzyme produced in the male prostate. If the result in this step is positive, our scientists will proceed with the next two steps.
    • Prostate Specific Antigen Test (PSA): PSA, which is produced by the prostate gland, occurs in significant amounts in an adult male’s semen.
    • Christmas Tree Stain: This is a microscopic analysis that visually identifies sperm cells using dyes, usually green and red, thus the name.

If you want to order the 3-Step Semen Detection Test, please allow an additional 5 working days for the results.

Followup DNA testing after a positive result

If the results of the semen detection test are positive, you may want to carry further testing to confirm the identity of the donor. You will need to contact our customer support to discuss your request and quote you accordingly. Full consent will be required for this service.