What does this DNA Health Pack tell you?

The all-in-one genetic health pack makes use of the latest in DNA sequencing technology and genetic studies to provide you with useful information which can help you make important decisions to further improve your health, lifestyle and well-being. This test is divided into the following categories:

Ancestry Report

Yes, you read that correctly, this health pack offers ancestry testing! With more than 700,000 genetic markers tested and access to a vast database of genetic markers from countless locations around the world, we are able to achieve a remarkable level of detail and accuracy. In fact, this test provides by-region data and can identify more than 500 geographical regions in your DNA, such as Taiwan, Corsica, Valencia and Malta. Since testing is performed by using autosomal DNA, your report is based on the genetic information of both your biological mother and father’s sides!


Health Report

Early detection and prevention of disease multiply success ratios by 5 to 10 times. Genetic testing for health provides you with essential information to help you carry out important decisions regarding your health and wellbeing. Employing the latest in Illumina technology, this test identifies whether you are a carrier of any genetic disorders, discovers your susceptibility to over 200 genetic diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis and provides much more genetic data pertinent to your health care.


Skin Care Report

Are you concerned about your skin? Worry not, this health pack offers a deep analysis of the relationship between your genes and your skin. By sequencing your DNA, scientists at the laboratory determine your skin’s response to different factors such as premature ageing, cellulite, varicose veins and many more. Through skin testing, you can discover your skin’s real needs and choose the most suitable creams and treatments according to your skin type. Your report can also assist you and your dermatologist or beauty consultant when designing a personalised treatment for your skincare.


Sports Report

Training smart is equally as important as training hard. Sports testing is a powerful tool used by both amateur and professional sports athletes which helps you plan your training programme most smartly, reach your goals and most importantly avoid injury. This can be easily achieved through the key genetic data found in your sports report which covers your genetic predisposition to many different capacities such as cardio capacity, muscular fatigue, metabolic efficiency, personal risk of injury to joints and much more.


Talent Report

Yes, you also get a report outlining your unique talents and personality traits! By comparing certain prestigious studies to your genetic results, scientists at the laboratory can link your genes to possible predispositions in certain traits of your personality. This type of testing identifies your predisposition to skills, pathologies and substances such as figurative creativity, longevity, impulsivity and addiction to opium. For instance, your report might indicate that you possess the 5-HT1A gene which tends to be associated with neuroticism or emotional instability.


Nutrition Report

Last and not least, DNA testing for nutrition is also included in the pack! Whether you want to eat as healthy as possible or lose weight effectively, your nutrition report is there to guide you. Through this nutrition test, you will get to know your response predisposition to different nutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. In your personalised report, you will also find other valuable genetic information as the nutrients you should get more of because of your genetic tendency not to assimilate them as effectively as other individuals.


Collecting your DNA sample

Collecting the required sample is as easy as it gets! We will provide you with a DNA kit including everything you need to collect a saliva spit sample. The process takes as little as 2 to 5 minutes. After collecting the sample, store it in the kit following the detailed instructions provided and then send it back to us for laboratory testing.

Results and Turnaround Time

The results of this DNA health pack are easy to read for everyone whilst detailed enough to share them with your healthcare professional. Your genetic health reports will be sent to you via e-mail within approximately 4 weeks from receipt of samples at the testing laboratory!

Other Genetic Testing kits

homeDNAdirect’s product portfolio offers other health-related genetic testing services which you might be interested in taking. One such test is our genetic predisposition health kit which identifies your chances of developing a variety of major diseases such as Atrial fibrillation and Osteoporosis. Through this DNA test, you can learn what signs to look out for and how to take certain preventative measures.