Legal DNA Paternity Testing

Legal DNA paternity testing offers results that are valid legal documentations and testify to proof of parentage. We only recommended using this type of test is you need to undergo legal proceeding and must prove paternity (in cases of a declaration/acknowledgement of paternity) or perhaps disprove it in order to have the name changed on the birth certificate of the child. We offer legal DNA testing starting from R4795. Testing is usually carried out between alleged father, mother and the child.

Testing additional people will increase the cost of the test here cited.

How are results made court admissible?

For results to be court admissible every step of the sample collection must be documented. But further to this, there is a strict identification process in place of every test participant. This process for sample collection and identification of tested parties is collectively known as the chain of custody.

For a proper chain of custody the following conditions must be adhered to:

  • All test participants must take a form of identification such as an Identity card or passport. Copies of these will need to be provided with passport photographs.
  • Samples are collected by an independent person who is not involved in any way with the test and has no connection with the people being tested. This person we call the sampler and test participants can easily pick a doctor or nurse to act as sampler for their test.
  • The sampler will be the person collecting the DNA samples. The sample collection process itself takes a couple of minutes. Following this, some paper work will need to be carried out – this will all be done by the sampler.
  • Your results will be ready in 5-7 working days from the moment we receive samples. This will be the results you receive by email and these are not legalized. You will get the legal, notarized copy around 9 working days later. This is the result you will need for your court case.

A few points to bear in mind

  • Children who do not have access to a passport or identity card can use a birth certificate as a valid means of identification.
  • The sampler will normally charge a fee. This small fee is not covered by homeDNAdirect and will be incurred by the test participants themselves.

Other legal DNA testing options

We offer a range of DNA testing services which can be used for legal purposes. These include relationship DNA testing, immigration testing, DNA profiling and genetic finger printing and many more.