Important note:

We suggest you return samples by courier directly to the laboratory because the local postal system has proved unreliable and we cannot be responsible for samples that do not reach us.

Y chromosome inheritance pattern

Males inherit their Y chromosome from their father and their X chromosome from the mother. The paternal inheritance pattern of the Y chromosome makes this test very accurate. This chromosome is in fact passed down an uninterrupted male line unchanged.

This test can be carried out between:

  • Brothers who wish to know if they are born from the same father.
  • Any male who needs to confirm their biological father. Interested individuals can carry out a Y test by directly testing a male blood relative of the alleged father (remember that all males from the same paternal line will share the same Y chromosome).
  • Testing distant male relatedness. Males who simply want to know if they share any common paternal ancestor can do so with this type of test.

Y chromosome testing results

The Y chromosome test is a high accurate relationship DNA test. Y chromosome test results will show the Y STR profiles of the tested males. If the males share any common paternal ancestor or relative, the profiles will be an exact match. However, whilst the results will confirm whether the tested males are related through a common paternal relative, they cannot establish how exactly the tested parties are related. The individuals tested will need to draw their own conclusions based upon the results of the test.

Y chromosome testing sample collection

Collecting your samples is extremely samples. Our home sample collection kit is all you need to collect the samples we require using mouth swabs – the swabs just need to be rubbed inside the mouth and under the tongue for just a few seconds. View the sample collection here.

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