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DNA Banking

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Want to ensure your genetic information is kept safe and ready for future use? homeDNAdirect offers DNA Banking service starting at just R3100 per sample stored. DNA Banking is essentially securely storing a sample of your DNA in our laboratory with the option of having your 16 genetic marker DNA profile extracted as an additional service. Samples and profiles can be accessed for 15 years.

Infidelity DNA Testing

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Do have any sample of biological material that you believe could help prove infidelity? Then why not take an infidelity DNA test? homeDNAdirect South Africa specializes in infidelity testing services and forensic profiling. We offer accurate tests at the most competitive prices. Our infidelity DNA test starts at just R5295.

Forensic Services

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homeDNAdirect offers forensic testing services which enables clients to carry out their DNA tests with a vast range of samples. The below table shows you just some of the main samples we test – those which we analyze most often. We actually test many more different samples that we have not listed. If you have a sample in hand and want us to tell you how suitable it is for testing, we suggest you contact our customer care team.

Semen Detection Testing

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Are you suspicious about a particular stain? For your peace of mind, our laboratory is here to assist in confirming or dispelling your suspicions. Order our semen detection test today!

Genetic Fingerprinting
& DNA Profiles

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Our DNA profile will map 21 of your genetic markers using the most advanced DNA profiling techniques. homeDNAdirect offers the most precise means of personal identification possible. Your DNA profile is a unique genetic blue print that can be used as a means of personal identification. Whilst documents used for personal identification, such as passports, can be forged, your DNA profile cannot be copied or imitated.

Disaster Victim Identification


The DVIstat™ tissue extraction device is a practical tool for securing tissue samples from cadavers in mass fatality incidents while simultaneously securing an active Radio-Frequency Identification Tag (RFID) to facilitate electronic control of all subsequent movements and location in a mass interment situation.