How the KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed Test works

KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed Test requires a buccal swab sample from your dog and analyses around 700,000 genetic markers using a technology with a reproducibility of >99% and also a database of over 400 dog breeds. See the complete list of breeds here.

As one of the most extensive tests on the market, it offers three different studies for you to better understand the nature of your beloved canine.

Pet DNA test breeds: This test will give you the breeds of your beloved dog in a percentage format to identify characteristics such as size, weight and temperament.

Pet traits DNA test: Knowing your pet’s physical traits such as coat colour and texture will help you to know what their needs are in terms of grooming, exercise, etc.

Pet health DNA test: This test will give you very important information indicating whether your dog is a carrier of a possible single-gene genetic disease. With this data you can choose the necessary care for the prevention and treatment of your furry friend.

You can choose between the two available versions of the KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed Test:


Version Price Tests included
Starter R2995 Pet DNA test breeds
Pet traits DNA test
Advanced R3790 Pet DNA test breeds
Pet traits DNA test
Pet health DNA test

KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed Test Results

The KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed Test results report contains information obtained from all three studies. The Pet health DNA test presents a list of the genetic diseases tested for, indicating whether or not your dog is a carrier, then a detailed explanation of the diseases it does carry. The Pet traits DNA test provides a list of the physical traits tested indicating whether or not your dog has each trait and a detailed explanation of the traits it does have. Finally, the Pet DNA test breeds provides a list of your dog’s breeds with a detailed analysis of the history and relevant characteristics of each breed.

The results will be available online within 4-6 weeks after the samples are received in the laboratory.

When ordering your KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed Test you will receive:


    • Complete sample collection kit with easy sample collection instructions.
    • Updates of your test free of charge.
    • Results in six languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, German).
    • Coming soon: Family Tree and DNA connect (Connecting related dogs using an App.)
    • Shipping cost included in the price.

View Starter Sample Report

View Advanced Sample Report

Prices and Special Offers

The price of the Starter version is R2995 and the price of the Advanced version is R3790. If you wish to purchase a second or third test you can enjoy a discount of R400 and you will only pay R2595 for each additional Starter test and R3390 for each additional Advanced test.

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