Life has been anything but easy for a self-proclaimed white supremacist from North Dakota.  Paul Craig Cobb, 61, first came to the media’s attention with a land grab in Leith, N.D., the small town where Cobb had intended to stake his claim on an all-white community which would aim to lockout any other racial groups creating a “pure white town”.

That news was soon outshone when Cobb appeared on national television and was presented live with news that for him was a little hard to swallow: DNA ancestry test results showed the racist was in fact 14% part Sub-Saharan African.

When Cobb first heard the news on the nationally syndicated Trisha Goddard Show, his initial reaction to the DNA test results was to dismiss them as “statistical noise” and “short science”.  While the results surely flew in the face and beliefs of this particularly obnoxious white supremacist, the science cannot be disputed.

Ancestry DNA tests have for some time now been able to trace genetic groups of people to their movements across the globe over long periods of time.  Most use the test to discover where their ancestors hailed from, not for the purpose of identifying their racial group, however the results tell the same story. For more information about ancestry tests for general, ancient, genetic origins and lineage, visit this webpage.

White supremacist arrested on 3 counts

Craig Cobb is not someone who takes affronts to his swayed beliefs lightly.  After receiving national media attention and much verbal lashing from commentators on television and the internet, Cobb decided to strike back.  His response to the sudden stardom, if that’s what you want to call it, was to go on a crime spree; terrorizing and threatening local neighbors with multiple firearms.

Not long into his documented- yes there are photos of Cobb actually carrying loaded weapons through town- law enforcement officials from the local sheriff’s office quickly placed Cobb into custody.  Charged with 3 accounts of terrorism, Cobb has much more to worry about now than his potential genetic makeup.  While in custody, the white supremacist was able to use his cell phone, texting to the local Bismarck Tribune “Because of the many violences and harrassments [sic] against we and the children, we have commenced armed patrols of Leith”.  If that was frightening enough, he subsequently made more texts which brought into serious question his mental stability, claiming that he has intentions to name some of his properties “Adolph Hitler Pvt. Park of Leith”.

“Back in Black”

Unfortunately for Mr. Cobb, there are more problems for him in Leith than just his ancestry test and some jail time.  While in the past he has enjoyed some level of support for similarly minded white power folk in North Dakota and even Canada, it seems support for the outspoken racist is quickly shoring up.  One of his Leith properties has been spray painted with graffiti that says “Back in Black” by another well-known local white supremacist of questionable mental stability according to local law enforcement.

The most ironic twist potentially in this sad yet perpetually interesting scandal may come from other white supremacists in the area.  It would seem that based on their former ally’s newly discovered “ethnic origins” that white power groups have turned on Cobb.   What was once a planned effort to lure more white power supporters to the Leith area by purchasing and then giving away large tracts of land for development, has now ended in a media circus.  Many former white supremacist allies of Cobb have rethought their prior intentions to move to the area, probably welcome news to the rest of North Dakota.